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[jamsat-bb:5393] Sunsat digital and voice enabled




2000/06/23 22:25:34 +0200に"Johann Lochner" <lochner@ing.sun.ac.za>さんに頂いた
「[amsat-bb] Sunsat digital and voice enabled」への返事です。
>Hi folks,
>Sunsat's digital and voice modes will be active until June 25, 16:00 
>UTC.  In its digital mode no bulletins or telemetry is transmitted.  
>Digipeat via SUNSAT or APRSAT.  The uplink is 436.291 MHz (both 1k2 
>and 9k6), the downlink 145.825 MHz (only 1k2 this time around).  The 
>weekend schedule for the voice passes is as follows (times are UTC):
>Australasia         24/6 08:18
>Japan               24/6 09:38
>South-Eastern Asia  24/6 11:22
>Southern Africa     24/6 16:37
>Europe              24/6 17:55
>South America       24/6 23:10
>North America       25/6 02:17
>The flight software has changed quite a bit over the past two weeks, 
>causing us to experience the teething problems of earlier this year 
>all over again.  We are busy with other experiments at this stage and 
>did not yet have the opportunity to verify that Sunsat switches back 
>to digital after a voice pass.  Imagine trying to operate your rig 
>when all knobs change function every few days.  ;-)
>Kind regards,
>Johann, ZR1CBC
>   JG Lochner  ESL, Universiteit van Stellenbosch
>   e-pos:      lochner@ing.sun.ac.za
>   webtuiste:  http://esl.ee.sun.ac.za/~lochner

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