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[jamsat-bb:5243] SO-33 'CDS and SEASIS'

衛星SO-33に関する質問メールに対する SEDSAT_TEAM管制局の反応は大変
敏速で丁寧です。 メールを投稿して、数時間後には返信が返ってきます。
以下、「CDS and SEASIS Boot」に関する、私と管制局とのやりとりです。

Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 06:55:15 -0700
To: telemetry@seds.org, "M. Wakita" [je9pel@jamsat.or.jp]
From: "Dennis Ray Wingo" [wingod@mailcity.com]
Cc: Chris.Bond@oarcorp.com, chrisl@seds.org, wingod@mailcity.com,
Subject: Re: SEDSAT telemetry 13,15

>Thank you to many informations on CDS and SEASIS Boot.
>What are the initials of these words 'CDS and SEASIS' ?
>And what is the work of CDS ?


The Acronym CDS stands for the Command Data System.  This is the
system controller board and consists of an Intel 80C186 embedded
microprocessor running UAH developed tasks under Harold Price's SCOS
(Spacecraft Operating System).

The Acronym SEASIS (Pronounced SEA-SIS) stands for the SEDS Earth
Atmosphere and Space Imaging System. The Term SEDS stands for the
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space.

The CDS controls the power system and interfaces to the SEASIS Image
processor and the transponders.

Thanks again for your kind assistance.


Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 08:56:44 -0500
From: "Chris Bond" [Chris.Bond@oarcorp.com]
To: je9pel@jamsat.or.jp
Subject: RE: SEDSAT telemetry Apr 19


CDS = Command Data System, is a 16mhz, 80186c processor board with
32 megabytes RAM. It's primary responsibility is housekeeping
(keeping the batteries charged, reading temperatures, etc), and
communications. It's the system which sends the telemetry you've
been receieving.

SEASIS = SEDSAT Earth And Space Imaging System, is a SCC-100 
transputer based board, also with 32 megabytes RAM. It's responsible
for running the cameras, filter wheels (for the cameras), and the
magnetorquers (for stabilization and orientation control).

Unfortunately, the only code we had time to develop for it prior to
launch was to snap 80 images on start of mission... which have since
been lost due to power cycles. It was intended to upload programs to
it post-launch, but without an uplink this is impossible...

I'm always glad to answer questions....

-Chris Bond

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